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  • Anne Rodda

Are Arts COVID Contingencies Up to Scratch?

Extract from full article published by The Big Idea 4 Mar 2021

So with all this pandemic disruption experience under our belt, how is the sector faring with its response? Anne Rodda, a veteran of the Aotearoa arts landscape and Director of Voyager Advisory told the Lowdown “I think it’s a mixed bag.

“We’ve been preparing for this – risks mitigated with our boards, contingency plans built and articulated for our funders, contracts with artists and suppliers written with greater flexibility. We know what we’re doing now and will do the rescheduling and stakeholder communications needed to accommodate a lockdown.

“Our sector is showing the resilience, energy and imagination for which we’re known, but the stuttering is hard on our stamina and our morale.

Voyager Advisory Director Anne Rodda. Photo: Supplied.

“We could all use that crystal ball to tell us how much longer this particular lockdown will last, and really how much longer will this elastic way of working be necessary. Will it be forever? And how do we imprint the good things we’ve learned through this into our permanent DNA.

“I suspect we are going to see more and more cracks in the façade we’ve been bravely displaying over the last year. Many organisations are moving to shared services - shedding overheads and consolidating activities. Maybe this will be enough for some, but seismic shifts are going to be necessary for others. We still need to ask ourselves the hard questions about purpose and relevance because it’s going to get harder, not easier, to secure non-earned income in 2021.”

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